Untouched with ace fanning

A 3 week workshop experience


open for enrollment!!

Next run starts September 2nd!!

Active + Silent Seats Available

Having a clear vision of what you want to create is one thing, but having a clear vision of HOW to get there is a completely different battle. Untouched helps bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be, while simultaneously decreasing your time in-front of the computer. In this 3 week intensive workshop, we focus on nailing down a concise vision of the images you want to be creating and the technical changes needed in-camera to get you there. This workshop is COMPLETELY editing-free-- every image we work with MUST be delivered straight-out-of-camera-- so if you are edit-dependent, get ready for a nice wake-up call. Untouched is not a workshop for people who are looking to get their egos stroked. We ALL have room for improvement and critiques will not be sandwiched between compliments in order to save your feelings. All feedback is direct and given to help you grow as a photographer. Untouched is your personal training session to getting in shape, not liposuction. The skills and techniques learned during this workshop will need to be continually applied and refined to continue perfecting your craft.

*Disclaimer: Untouched is a workshop for adults, therefore, adult language will be used throughout and if you don’t like that, that fucking sucks.