Danielle Navratil is an incredibly talented family photographer located in Sonoma County, California. Her passion for photography and capturing authentic moments started after she had her daughter. Her ability to capture and create moments that are both honest and real is immeasurable. She has this incredible vision and voice in all of her images that radiates with passion. It is the in between moments, the candid shots, and connections that she so perfectly captures that take our breath away most. We were lucky enough to pick her brain just a bit and her course on creating connections and natural moments is now available in our school!

What inspires your art? I find myself being inspired by light and by human connections.

What do you shoot with? Camera body and favorite lens? Canon Mark 4; mark 3; and my favorite lenses are my 35Lii and my 85.


What other ways do you express your creativity? I have always been creating since I was a child but for now I try and stick to my personal photography projects that I start each year.

How do you de-stress at the end of the day? A glass of wine and veg time watching a show.

What kind of music do you listen to while editing? I edit to pandora and my favorite stations are paper kites and avett brothers.

What is your favorite book? The Bible.

Name one movie that inspires you. The only movies I currently watch are kid movies.

How do you handle self-doubt or creative slumps? I try and keep my head down and just do my thing. If I find myself feeling in a rut I will usually force myself to take my daughter out to shoot and I will grab a lens I haven't touched in awhile. This forces me to think outside of the box and to try something new.


What has been the most difficult part of your creative journey? Balance. I am extremely grateful for being able to call this journey my job but with that has been challenges with work life balance.

Who is one of your favorite photographers? Alain Laboile is one of my favorites! The way he captures his children is incredible.

Coleen Hodges