Keziah Kelsey, Unraveled | An Interview

Keziah Kelsey of BabyRose Photography is located in Colorado and has an incredible talent for making honest and raw portraits of real life. Her portraits of motherhood stand out to us because she never holds back. She never fails to shock us in the most beautiful way. She is brave. And edgy. And authentic. She says, "tell me your story and I'll make it's portrait." And that is exactly what she does. 

Keziah's course in the Academy, "Beautifully Raw Motherhood Stories" will be live in the school this June!!

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What do you love to shoot most? I am deeply in the work of young parenting and motherhood at the moment. As a mother of a young child myself, I connect to this season fo life and am very interested in talking about the complexity of parenthood; how it changes us, how it reveals us and how difficult and wondrous it can be.

What inspires your art? I am inspired by nearly everything! I love the mundane, the most honest moments of ourselves; running a bath for a child, brewing coffee to wake up in the morning, the crunch of leaves under my feet on a walk with the dogs. The ordinary and constant is a perpetual source of inspiration. I also deeply love master fine art painting through history and am continually inspired by the tones and light.

What do you shoot with? I currently shoot with a Mark3, my Mamiya ( when its not in the shop!) and occasionally my first camera - Zeiss Contaflex My favorite lens is my Sigma 35Art

What other ways do you express your creativity? I love the montessori method of education and so I have built a little workroom at home for my son. I build three part cards, design mazes and other little handouts for him and sew him playmats based on his interests ( land air & sea for his little animals and a weather playmat are the big winners)

How do you de-stress at the end of the day? I love to sit down with my wife at the table after our kiddo is in bed and just talk. We pour a glass of wine and talk about the world, our days or some silly thing we saw on FB. It gives me time to become an adult again for a while and reconnect to her.

What kind of music do you listen to while editing? I listen to a lot of folk and alternative, lots of emo things ;) Sometimes I listen to podcasts as well

What is your favorite book? ohhhhh man, this is too tough! I love Psion by Joan D. Vinge, Sunshine by Robin McKinnley and The Satanic Verse by Salman Rushdie but I am a HUGE reader and love to devour books. I just recently read Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor and it was so beautiful I cried the whole way through, her creative vision is so in tune with my own and yet so magically different.

Name one movie that inspires you. The Signal. it's pitch perfect.

How do you handle self-doubt or creative slumps? Boy, the million dollar question!! I tend to just go out and make something when i'm struggling, something just for myself and usually with another human so i can sort of peerk myself up through the connection to them.

What has been the most difficult part of your creative journey? I think the constant tension between creating something you adore and then having to follow it up with something else. Growing and changing and shifting is hard enough but knowing that we now depend on an 'audience' as modern creatives, and knowing we might abruptly be done with a concept or idea but our audience won't be... thats always tough to navigate.

Who is one of your favorite photographers? Sally Mann, Imogen Cunningham, Annie Leibovitz women inspired me my whole journey