Tricia Victoria, Unraveled | An Interview


Located in Alberta, Canada, Tricia Victoria is a photography badass. We are completely obsessed with her work and editing style, which is why we asked her to do some editing videos for us on her skin tones and edgy edits. If you are interested in learning from her, you can join the Academy today for only $15.00 a month. 

Tricia has this incredible way of connecting with her clients and posing them in such a laid back and natural way. She is one to watch for sure. Her presets are also to die for which you can find on her website. 

For more inspiration and badassery: 

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Now, here is she, unraveled...

What do you love to shoot most? : When I went to Europe five years ago, I learned that photo-journalism was my favourite thing ever. I LOVE being able to capture the world around me as I see it. I work in such a "posed" industry (for good reason) so this was incredibly refreshing and inspirational! But capturing people in this way is absolutely my favourite thing in the entire world.

What inspires your art? : SO MANY THINGS! Music, colour, the ocean, a good movie, books, quotes...I mean you name it, I can probably find inspiration in it. I find life in general so inspirational. I find beauty in pain & sorrow no differently than I find it in joy & peace. Beauty is just have to look for it.

What do you shoot with?: Canon 5D M4

What other ways do you express your creativity?: I express it nearly everything I do. The way I decorate my house, in

How do you de-stress at the end of the day?: A hot bath, reading the bible, watching a movie...I'm so basic!

What kind of music do you listen to while editing?: EVERYTHINGGGG! It varies all the time. But I primarily bounce between cinematic instrumental, folk and house music. #truestory

What is your favorite book?: I am absolutely in love with the Dollenganger series, Flowers in the Attic - this story is so fascinating and awful and beautiful all at the same time!

Name one movie that inspires you.: The Greatest Showman

How do you handle self-doubt or creative slumps?: It helps to know that everyone doubts themselves, even those we admire most. But I do my best to avoid comparing myself to others because that breeds discontentment in my own work/self. I really believe you will get out from life what you put in and I have truly seen the fruits of my labour to solidify that belief. 
When I'm feeling uninspired, I take time off. I just check in with everything else and avoid work (shooting/editing) as much as possible. This always brings me back to a place of inspiration. I also tend to change it up A LOT - I'm constantly trying new things and shooting new subjects to help avoid the slump.

What has been the most difficult part of your creative journey?: Learning EVERYTHING the hard way and spending way too much time caring about what others think of me. Its such a hard thing to balance when you turn your art into a career as its incredibly important that you make your client happy, but in so many ways you can do that only by staying true to your own voice.

Who is one of your favorite photographers?: The Kitcheners are pretty my favourite ever.