So you know that dream where you are standing in the middle of the Gym or Cafe in High School completely naked? I’m pretty sure that is Co and I right now, hand in hand-- butt freaking naked. Only, this is the real -- pull-your-big-girl-pants-up -- world.

C'est la vie though, because even after 6 kids between us both, we look pretty great naked.

Not to mention, we are so entirely proud of what we are creating here that being vulnerable about it is part of the gig.

We truly feel as though UnRaveled is going to be a new wave of education and we look forward to having you on this new venture. So please, join us!

A little more about us:

We have developed a revolutionary three week workshop and unique photography school where our students can continue to grow, learn and connect with others along their creative journey.

We understand that the creative journey has never been cookie cutter or straight and narrow. We also understand that it will never be one size fits all. It is unique, and scary, and naked; and if our students are brave enough, they will take the path less traveled. We want to emphasize that path because we truly believe that it will make all the difference in the world. The path less traveled is Robert Frost and Sylvia Plath and Sally Mann and Jill Greenberg. It is raw, honest, minimalist, and bare boned. It is more than just the clicking of a shutter or the writing of the pen. It is a soul, being honest with who they are and what they stand for.

Our interactive online school is user friendly, where students are able to complete and submit assignments, view and download weekly content, share their work with their teachers and peers and receive honest critiques. The workshop, taught by us (Coleen Hodges and Sarah Driscoll) will be three weeks in length and will include a PDF, our creative journeys, live editing videos, as well as weekly assignments, Q&A’s and entrance into a private Facebook group. We will also be offering a continuing education option to all of the students enrolled in the workshop.

We are super stoked on this part! The continuing education program is going to bring you so many goodies! Not only will you stay connected with the community and Co and I as your lead instructors, but you will also be able to learn from many guest instructors from all over the world and you will receive new material from them. For the first time, we want to offer a beautiful network of individuals who are teaching various aspects of creativity and sharing their journeys-- (lessons will include, but not limited to: branding, social media, finding your voice, shooting film, making videos, as well as painting, writing, music and many other expressive art forms) with the inclusion of live editing videos and Q&As. We truly want to ignite a new spark in all creatives to connect and be themselves --emphasizing authenticity, fostering community and forging inspiration on a new level.

This is it!!! We are so thrilled to be doing what we both feel we were made to do-- which is TEACH and connect and build bridges to bring us all together in a real, raw kind of way.

Let’s do this!!


xx Sarah & Co

Coleen Hodges