We are super stoked to start this new blog series where we feature and interview incredible artists from across the globe. With these features, we are really hoping to dig a little deeper into their creative beings and hear what really makes them tick. 

We are starting off this week with the incredible Lukas Piatek, the creator of Looks Like Film and one of the most inspiring of photographers we know. Oddly enough though, Lukas does not consider himself a "photographer." Instead, he says, "I am a narrator. Telling your story through my eyes and my camera." YES. Perfectly said Lukas. 

So here he is, completely and beautifully Unraveled....

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What inspires your art? I am getting inspired mostly by other images that I see. I suck them all up like a sponge and try to open my eyes and mind to all that extraordinary work that is shared on social media every single day. Music is also a big part of me as I always try to match my session to a specific song and simply try to create an atmosphere with that.

What do you shoot with? Camera body and favorite lens? I shot with the 6D and the Sigma 35 Art the entire past 2 years but am about to switch to Mark 4 and the Canon 35L II right now as I dropped my Sigma and it simply does not work any longer *sadface*


What other ways do you express your creativity? I have to be honest and say that photography is the only way I am trying to express my creativity at this moment.

How do you de-stress at the end of the day? I always go for a walk with my dog and my fiancé in the evening for about an hour and once we are back home we cook together and then just relax on the couch to some Netflix

What kind of music do you listen to while editing? I mostly listen to metal core and screamo to bands like Underoath, Asking Alexandria, Burden of a Day and so many more. Occasionally I tune in to softer songs from James Vincent McMorrow or Ry X.

What is your favorite book? I would say MacBeth as I simply loved it when we read it back in school.

Name one movie that inspires you. Im just gonna answer with a show if that is passible. Fargo Season 3 is inspiring me currently with the visuals and the way they frame most of the scenes.

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How do you handle self-doubt or creative slumps? I talk with other people and my family and friends. I often have a shower and say to myself „You are going nowhere with your work and it all looks the same“ but in the end of the day other people give me the confidence and strength to continue my way and shoot the way I want.

What has been the most difficult part of your creative journey? The beginning was certainly the hardest part as I had no idea how to approach photography correctly and it took me a long time to realize how to make me happy with the work I am doing. I tried to copy other people in the beginng

And that never made me happy. Once I realized that I can just shoot how I want to and people like that as well, I found my way and still continue to do it.


Who is your favorite photographer? There really is no one that I would say fav. Photographer as there are soooo many people that simply create stunning work each and every single week. It would be unfair to only name one person but I think we can all agree that Vivian Maier was

Truly a unique person and way ahead of her time.

Coleen Hodges