Behind the Scenes + Styling with Story Solis

We are so stoked to have Stormy Solis on the list of top Unraveled instructors, as her work for us has always full of depth, knowledge and inspiration. Her latest lesson, set to release in November 2018, is one of our absolute favorites thus far. Stormy, among other things, is known for her incredible styling in her photoshoots. She has a beautiful way of pairing the people and landscape perfectly with her styling choices. This lesson will cover how she styles with heart and intention.

The best part? She shares a behind-the-scenes video within the lesson of her photographing her two beautiful daughters and discusses her location, styling and intentions during the shoot. Let’s just say, we are even more in love with her now. This session is truly epic, check it out below.

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Image by My Four Hens Photography

Image by My Four Hens Photography

Stormy Solis is an award winning family photographer based out of Denver, Colorado. She captures authentic connections, full of heart, across the country and Pacific. Her deep rooted love of nature and honest moments are reflected in her work.

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