Building a Strong Photography Website | Website Reviews with Co | Tips Tuesday

Many people assume that the only perk to joining the Unraveled Academy is that you gain access to hundreds of courses, lessons and videos. And yes, while that is an absolute perk, it is not even close to the ONLY one. In fact, many of our students say that their favorite feature of Unraveled is the private Facebook group for STUDENTS ONLY.

So what’s so great about a Facebook group?

Well, for starters, we have dozens of moderators in our group to ensure that every student’s questions are answered and that everyone feels heard and valued. We are forever grateful to our moderators for their dedication to the wellbeing of our community. Check out our team HERE.

Another perk is that we have an incredible team of Unraveled Experts in there who go live to answer questions, share their editing process, host live shoots, and connect with students every single week. Have you ever wondered how Lindsay Saunders of Forest + Field Photography creates such magical images? Well, she shares so much of this in our group as an Expert on a more one-on-one level. She answers questions while she photographs her children and walks us through her editing process WEEKLY. It’s pretty epic. She is just ONE of our 5 experts.

In case that wasn’t enough, we also provide students with website reviews, social media critiques and portfolio reviews as often as possible. Just yesterday, in the private Facebook group, co-creator Co Hodges critiqued student websites. We have found that sharing these in the group also allows everyone to learn something from one another and ask questions. It starts a conversation of learning and reflecting which is something we value at Unraveled.

If you still have not joined the Unraveled Academy, consider doing so HERE. Student Memberships are only $15.00 a month which you know is less than your monthly Starbucks addiction. Oh, and also remember that you can only join our Facebook group if you are a student in the Academy so what are you waiting for?

Please take a moment to watch these Website Reviews by Co Hodges and learn from these beautiful students: