Tuesday Tips: Our 4 Favorite Editing Apps with Sarah Driscoll

Lugging around a DSLR is not always possible, especially if you are a parent. I have enough crap to remember and carry when I leave the house, like copious amounts of water. For some reason, whenever my four kids leave our house and I’ve just pulled out of the driveway, they all suddenly act like they’ve been stranded in a desert with no fluids for three days, when the reality is that they live in New England and they have a fridge with endless amounts of water available at all times which they had access to 3 minutes ago. Needless to say, four water bottles weigh enough and my camera is barely ever in tote. So, I have learned to love and embrace my phone for capture moments.

In fact, using my phone to create beautiful imagery is a challenge that I adore. With that said, I like to have my options when it comes to editing so I use different apps for various reasons.

Here are my 4 favorite editing apps:



VSCO was my first love when it comes to iphone editing. This app is pretty stellar. One of my favorite features is that it allows you to save your favorite “presets” which ultimately allows you to keep your editing cohesive. My three favorite VSCO presets are C7, A1 and A7. I also really dig the grain VSCO creates.



Tezza is my newest love. I have been using this app the most recently. One of my favorite ways to use it goes a bit against what I am preaching right now though, but I’m still going to share. I love using Tezza right now to put finishing touches on pictures I took with my big camera and edited first in Lightroom on my computer. I love adding scratches and bumping my contrast on my word before I share it on Instagram. Try it out. I even occasionally put a filter over my original edit and then lower the opacity. I know, it sounds a bit cringey but I am digging it.



This one is a bit of a bore snore for me to talk about because its more practical than anything else. I’m not a super practical chick. But Snapseed has come in handy more than a few times for me. My two favorite features are the brush tool (so I can dodge and burn) and the healing option so I can remove unwanted things from my image or background.


A Color Story.

This is my favorite editing app to use during the summer. That sounds a little odd but let me explain. When the weather is sweet, the sun is out, and we are near the water rocking bright colored swimsuits, this app is my jam. My favorite features of this app are the Light Leaks and Textures available. The light leaks are the perfect way to add a little interest to your vibrant summer iphoneography.

Take a moment to check out these 4 editing apps and let us know what you think in our private Facebook group (for students only). We have a feeling you are going to dig them just as much as we do. Oh, and if you share some of your amazing iphonography on the gram’, don’t forget to hashtag #unraveledacademy to be featured!

This post was written by Unraveled Academy co-creator, Sarah Driscoll.

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