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Ginny Gillespie is a momma of 4 and photographer located in Alaska. She is a lover of music, teacher of yoga and hoarder of photographs. Her work is moody, deep and chock full of connection and meaning. It draws you into these beautifully authentic moments. She captures real, everyday life in the most inspirational and artistic ways. On top of that, she is now an Unraveled Expert Artist and we are beyond proud to have her.

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Here is Ginny, Unraveled….

What inspires your art? 

Dramatic light. Pure love that only exists in families. Honest connection. Real life; dishes, toys, traces of lunch around a toddlers mouth. Emotion; like when the vibration of a song makes you well up with tears. The pure joy of a child and the infectious smile of a family watching that joy.

What do you shoot with? Camera body and favorite lens? 

I shoot with a Nikon D810 which houses my 1.8, 24mm, 90% of the time. Other lens I own include a 50mm, 1.4 and a 35mm, 1.8. I also have an old manual 50mm, 1.8 for freelensing which is always with me as well.

What other ways do you express your creativity? 

Finding the time to have additional creative outlets is, at times, hard for me. I have 4 beautiful little people that call me 'momma' and they fill most of my days (and nights) with fetching food from the store, food preparation, food preparing, food clean up, and the enviable, dirty diapers. Kind a kidding...kind a not LOL. Twice a week I teach an active style vinyasa yoga that fills me in a way that photography can't. Having that time to consciously link mind, body, and especially breath creates space for me to giveback and utilize for myself, my family, and my community. As an instructor I absolutely LOVE to build up the people that choose to practice with me. We flow without judgement from ourselves or others and breathe through the chatter of the mind. It's truly an honor too be a part of someones practice and to teach yoga, "the stilling of the fluctuations of the mind" (Yoga-sutra 1.2)

How do you de-stress at the end of the day? 

 More often then not I end up on the couch with a cup of tea and my computer, next to my husband while he watches a game. Our dynamic works beautifully together!! If I'm done with a screen we'll turn on something funny and sink into the couch together. Typically my hubby falls asleep and then I close down the house, make my rounds to check on and smooch the kids, and then we shuffle back to bed. Most nights I lay on my beloved old lady heating pad and listen to a guided yoga Nidra to quiet my mind.

What kind of music do you listen to while editing? 

I often listen to my class playlists or anything folk/singer song-writer. I have a mad love for Bob Dylan and Brandi Carlile, a sweet spot for Mumford and Sons, good ol' acoustic Sublime, Grateful Dead, and Pink Floyd...the list could go on and on and on.

What is your favorite book? 

Out of My Mind, by Sharon M. Draper. This book was suggested to me by my niece and if you haven't read it I highly suggest it. Things are not always what they seem!

Name one movie that inspires you. 

Fried Green Tomatoes.

What has been the most difficult part of your creative journey?

Getting other peoples expectations out of my head. Example..."all the people in an image should be crisp" "presets don't make you a real photographer" "angle your camera like this" (LOL) "no one is looking at the camera. Why?" "follow the rules" "keep your ISO at 100". I've always known that there's a difference between a beautiful image and a beautiful image that evokes emotion but learning how to create an emotional image WHILE weeding through other peoples expectations has, at times, been exhausting. I know that the advice is given with best intentions and kindest regard but man...it's hard to get those "suggestions" out of your head when they come from people you respect.

Who is one of your favorite photographers? 

Oh come on...ONE!?!

Outside of the Academy:
Ashton @ Moss and Myrrh

Within the Academy:
Twyla Jones and Samantha Dell (AND SO MANY OTHERS)!!!!!!

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