Unraveled Student Features | The Best Days of Our Lives

It seems to get harder and harder every week to select only 10 images from students to feature on the blog. The artists inside our community are creating so much beautiful art that we are forever impressed and inspired. As we started to pick our favorites this week, we noticed a theme throughout. All of these images seem to represent fleeting moments that will soon be remembered by those in them as the “best days of our lives.” Between a wedding day, adoption day, documentation of long, hot summer days and drawn-out sleepless breastfeeding days, these images remind us that life is short but sweet for certain. We must document what matters most, which is unconditional love and joy. Look for the good. Well, today, that’s exactly what we did.

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Jessica Rasmussen

Join Jessica in her 3 week workshop in the Academy, Don’t Erase Me.


Unraveled Expert Artist of the Year

Sadie Natasha DeLarge

Congratulations on being selected!! Your image is powerful, honest and will be cherished by this mother, forever. Such a beautiful, fleeting moment.


Congrats to all featured artists!!

Sarah DriscollComment