We Are Grateful.


Tomorrow, many of us will sit around tables full of food to feast and indulge and share what we are grateful for. We will laugh and love and eat until our bellies can not hold anymore. We first wanted to take a moment to acknowledge what a blessing that is. Not everyone is so lucky. We know this to be true.

We are grateful.

We have been is business for just over one year here at Unraveled. We are, of course, grateful for that. This is our second thanksgiving as a family. Yes, we consider our community to be a beautiful weaving of humans who have become family. So more than anything else, we are grateful for each and every person who has joined us this past year. We see you and we appreciate you more than you could ever know. Somehow we managed to collect the kindest, most inspiring group of people we could ever imagine here. That is something we had hoped for when we started Unraveled, but we knew was not a guarantee. In time, those who belonged here, found their way.

We are grateful to those who have linked arms with us, provided endless amounts of inspiration, ample gratitude and words of encouragement here. We are grateful to the teachers who took a chance on us and poured their hearts into their courses and lessons. We want to say thank you to our Expert Artists and to our team, both of whom have worked tirelessly to ensure that our students are learning, inspired and welcomed. Without each and every one of you, we would not be a strong as we are today. We are grateful for you this year. Truly.

We also wanted to take a moment to acknowledge all the other businesses who have walked beside us in our first year. A first year business is always a risk –– always the underdog. But, many people and businesses have said, “we believe in you,” and reached their hand out to us. To them, we are grateful.

Bee & The Fox

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Well Curated

Dear Photographer

Human at the Helm


So Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. We wish you nothing but happiness, health and endless inspiration. Cheers!

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