Coming Home: Documenting a new life with keziah Kelsey


With Keziah Kelsey of Baby rose photography

“Coming Home: Documenting New Life” by Keziah Kelsey is a three week intensive online workshop that walks you through documenting the tricky 4th trimester with compassion, grace, ease and love. During your time together, Keziah will help you design the perfect model call, deconstruct your business plan, reflect on your current social media strategy, optimize client workflow, share her editing tips and tricks and teach you how to find the raw beauty within the chaos of welcoming home a new life. Are you searching for that something to make your work more emotive and authentic? Are you trying to better define your art AND business? Keziah will teach you everything you need to know about executing your vision and business plan while working with REAL people and capturing raw and truthful images that tell THEIR unique story in the form of ART.


A Break-down of your weeks with Kelsey:

Week 1–Our first week together, we are going to get to know our goals for in home photography. What we want to make and why, how to find clients that want us to make it, and how to connect to them in authentic ways in order to produce work that melds their story with our voice. We’ll cover developing questionnaires, social media, model calls, client contact and figuring out what exactly you have to say through your work!

Week 2- During our second week, we’ll get into the nitty gritty of the session; how to use your time, how to build and use shot lists, how to evoke honest interactions, walkthrough pullbacks... you name it! This week is technical and emotional as we work through vulnerability and bravery in our work while creating centers of calm for our clients.

Week 3- Our final week will cover post session details; a smooth workflow for storing, culling and editing, emotional choosing for social media, designing products and albums and how we gift the work to our clients. This week is focused heavily on blending the business side with your intent to create meaningful art for real humans.