Self Study e-courses

In effort to make our educational options available to everyone, we have launched our self-study courses. These courses are available for a one-time purchase and accessible online forever. We highly recommend that all of our students also become members of the Academy (just $15/month!) for access to our thriving community, creative experts and packed course catalog, but for those looking to download and refer back to specific content, this is a wonderful option. The first three courses are for our many students who asked to be able to download the Yoga Nidra meditations provided by instructor Rebecca Lane, whose voice is strong, steady and calming while guiding you into creative peace.


Birth Diversified with Chinelle Rojas

The lack of cultural representation in the birth world is astounding! Images of caucasian women birthing are a dime a dozen, meanwhile people of color struggle to find faces that look like ours amongst them. This is an issue because REPRESENTATION MATTERS. This course was created from the perspective of a black woman in the U.S. and is specifically made for white and white-presenting photographers and birth workers who desire to have a more diverse clientele while diversifying their lives.This course covers things like racism, history, birth culture, tokenism, as well as includes ways that you could actually diversify your brand. Do the work it takes to be a true ally and not just appear to be one.


YOga nidra for empowerment: dissolving self-doubt

Step away from the limiting stories you tell yourself and step into your true power with these 5 profoundly effective guided meditations. You'll learn how to disengage from patterns of doubt and self sabotage, so that you can truly embrace your true power as a creative entrepreneur.


yoga nidra for creative clarity

Find a deep connection to your true creative self by breaking down mental blocks and finding clarity, balance and confidence in everyday life. Then go out into the world and dow what we're meant to do. And do it well.


Yoga nidra for stress reduction

Profoundly reduce stress and find balance, clarity and calm with meditation coach and creative entrepreneur Rebecca Lane. Allow Rebecca’s soothing voice and wisdom will guide you into some of the best meditations for stress reduction.