in-person retreats + workshops

In a field where we are expected to capture connections, why is it that we so often feel disconnected? When our life’s work is to create art that empowers and inspires and magnifies emotions, it is easy to become drained. Left alone. Weak. Naked. Bareboned and tangled up. We wonder, do we have anything left? Have we given everything to our art? Where do we go from here? Are we even here? 

Unraveled Academy is all about community. This is why we have created retreats and workshops where we will refuel, refocus and repurpose ourselves as creatives. We want our community to be a safe harbor of learning, connection and inspiration. With us, you are able to be as weird as you wish and as free as you’ve ever been.

Please take a moment to watch this Video of our Workshop in Byron Bay, Australia created by Mos & Co


We host an annual retreat in Fairview, Utah in May.

Our May 2019 retreat is sold out, but if you want more information on 2020 and onward, check out our website here.


fairview, utah | 2018


Byron bay, Austrlia | 2018