Don’t Erase me:

Documenting Childhood and Self Without Rules

with Jessica Rasmussen


a 3 week workshop experience with jessica rasmussen

“Don’t Erase Me: Documenting Childhood and Self Without Rules” with Jessica Rasmussen is a three week online workshop that explores the power of documenting not only your children, but equally as important, YOU. Cultivating inspiration and creating a vision of approaching and documenting your story, and capturing it without fear or pressure of perfection. During your three weeks together Jessica will teach you how to not only document your children but also the elusive ins and outs of creating true, in the moment self-portraits that portray you and your unique self while incorporating your everyday surroundings. This workshop will walk you through combining childhood documentation, your journey through motherhood, self presence and how to fuse those crafts together. You will get behind the scenes videos of how Jessica documents everyday life, tips and tricks on how to evoke feelings while documenting her children and self, step by step breakdown of how Jessica approaches and sets up and creates powerful self-portraits as well as in depth editing videos and post process of taking these images and turning them into heirlooms. Jessica will discuss everything from how she finds inspiration in daily life to how she executes self portraiture, so that you too can be part of the story. “Documenting my babies and their childhood is something that I deeply value. Making sure that I am always present, authentically in those images is extremely important to me. It is my hope that the images I capture will help them relive our time together, long after I am gone.” Jessica Rasmussen