Thank you for considering our mentoring options!! We (Sarah Driscoll & Coleen Hodges)  offer mentoring packages as a team. We consider ourselves to have a bit of a yin yang relationship. We do not think alike and when one weakens, the other strengthens. We have different life (and business) experiences and we believe it offers a unique mentoring experience where students can bounce off ideas and goals and receive honest, diverse and insightful feedback. We openly talk through everything. The way we see it, two is better than one and if you have one mentor, who may be similar to you, there is no balance. You end up with a lopsided experience. However, if you have two unique mentors who offer guidance in their areas of expertise, you can find your own balance, weigh everything, and come out of your learning experience with a clear mind and a rekindled spirit.

Package 1

Comprehensive Portfolio Review 


+ Please send us a 50 image gallery (dropbox, flickr, or your website) and we will provide you with a full and detailed review of your portfolio. We will provide individual comments on each image, as well as with an overall reflection on your work-- covering points such as cohesion, strengths, and weaknesses. 

+Add on: for an additional fee of $100.00 we will include a comprehensive review of your online presence-- including Facebook, Instagram and your website. We will discuss your brand and what kind of message you are putting out to the world. This is a wonderful way to reflect on your brand's message, what kind of clients you want to attract and ultimately what kind of business you wish to run.

+Add on: a one hour additional consultation on business and open Q&A for $100.00 

Package 2

6 Months of Mentoring 

Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Photographers


+ An initial two-hour online meeting which hones in on your unique needs for your creative business where we decided where your weakness and curiosity lies.  

+ This package is ideal for both entrepreneurs and photographers. We offer a consistent 6 month mentoring option for those who are looking for an extended consultation and learning experience. This two one-hour check-in meetings per month. 

package 3

Build Your Own 

(Photographers OR Entrepreneurs)


+ One hour online consultation with both Sarah & Coleen on any topic you would like covered.  Prior to your time with us, you will deliver your questions to us via email so we can prepare for our hour together.