We are super stoked to announce that we now offer mentorships! Co Hodges and Sarah Driscoll have teamed up to help you on your creative journey. The duo will also help you lay out a custom learning pathway for the Academy after your meeting with them. This is an ideal place to start for every UA student. 

Mentoring by Co Hodges + Sarah Driscoll 

Mentorship by Sarah & Co

1 Hour Online Mentorship with Coleen Hodges + Sarah Driscoll.

As creatives, we wait for it to "click,” right? And it does, we promise you that. BUT, there is ALWAYS growth to be had. We constantly learn, grow and change into our best artistic selves, and we want to help you do the same! So, you want to be mentored by us? Sweet. Here's what we offer.

We cater to each student's specific needs and wants. First, we will schedule our time together, and then will send you a series of questions, to better understand where you are creatively. We will ask that you submit questions for us in addition to a portfolio to be reviewed. We also ask that all portfolios be sent to us prior to our scheduled time together to give us ample time to review and prep! This is a 2:1 mentorship, as Sarah and Coleen will both be present and will both give one hundred percent attention to your creative growth.

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