Private Lessons, Reviews + mentoring

As creatives, we wait for it to "click,” right? And it does, we promise you that. But there is always growth to be had that sometimes needs to happen in a fully customized environment. Founders Co Hodges and Sarah Driscoll offer a small number of private lessons, portfolio reviews and mentoring options per month to help you learn, grow and change into your best artistic self.

with Co Hodges + Sarah Driscoll 

6 Month Mentorship with Unraveled Co-founders

This intensive 6 month online mentorship program with Co Hodges + Sarah Driscoll is a game changer. The first one hour online meeting will consist of setting long term and short term goals and creating a detailed to-do list. The mentors will chat to you about where you are and where you want to be. Each month, you will check back in with them both for a 1 hour meeting to re-evaluate and ask questions. In the interim, you will be given assignments, to-dos and will be in constant communication with them via email or messenger. The mentors will work with you every step of the way to answer any and all questions in order for you to reach the ultimate goals in which you have set for yourself.

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One Hour Private Lesson with Co Hodges + Sarah Driscoll

1 Hour Online Private Lesson with Coleen Hodges + Sarah Driscoll.

As creatives, we wait for it to "click,” right? And it does, we promise you that. BUT, there is ALWAYS growth to be had. We constantly learn, grow and change into our best artistic selves, and we want to help you do the same! So, you want to be mentored by us? Sweet. Here's what we offer.

We cater to each student's specific needs and wants. First, we will schedule our time together, and then will send you a series of questions, to better understand where you are creatively. We will ask that you submit questions for us in addition to a portfolio to be reviewed. We also ask that all portfolios be sent to us prior to our scheduled time together to give us ample time to review and prep! This is a 2:1 mentorship, as Sarah and Coleen will both be present and will both give one hundred percent attention to your creative growth.

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Portfolio Review

For this review, students will submit a portfolio of 50 to 100 images. They are welcome to ask 5 to 10 questions on what they wish to hear back on, if they so desire. These questions can be as simple as “how is my overall white balance?" “what do I need to work on most?” etc. Sarah Driscoll will then complete a 15 minute recorded video critique, walking the student through the images and discussing specific feedback for each. Students will receive a link to their recorded portfolio review to watch at their own leisure. This review will be honest, informative and to-the-point.

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Group Mentoring with Co + Sarah


This is a wonderful opportunity to connect and receive support from a small group of artists with Co Hodges and Sarah Driscoll as your lead mentors. This online group mentoring session will last for two hours and all students will be given access to one main google document for notes that will be taken during our time together. Prior to the mentoring session, each student will submit 3-5 main issues they'd like to work on and those topics will all be thoroughly discussed, allowing students to learn from one another’s questions as well as their own. These sessions sell out fast and will be on sale soon. Join our Mailing list to be the first to know!!

Upcoming Session Dates:

April 10th from 9am-11am PST

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Squarespace web Design with Sarah Driscoll

$400.00 (students) / $500.00 (non-UA students)

This includes a full site design with a simple (text only) logo as well. Sarah will work with you closely, asking you questions along to way to ensure your vision is met, in order to create a site that is simple, clean and beautiful. She will also help you rework packaging, pricing and offerings to ensure that your site as well as the entire presentation of your business is well executed and easy to navigate. In order to book Sarah, you must first inquire. She wants to make sure that she is the right fit.

Private Lesson with Co Hodges

This one hour private lesson with Co Hodges will take place online. Co offers mentorship packages geared toward the Client Experience, Creating Connection and Family Photography. She will answer questions, discuss her process, and help students to grow in areas where they may feel weak. At the end of your time together, she will help you set goals and create an intensive to-do list for your future.

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Mini Mentorship with Co Hodges

FREE to Unraveled Students

Want some one-on-one time with one of the Unraveled Academy Founders?  HELL YES.  Let's do this!  These Mini-Mentorships are designed to be cost-effective ways to deal with 1-2 major issues, concerns, or questions on your creative or business journey!  You will get a preparatory email a few days before your time slot with information and the link for the meeting, 20 1:1 minutes with your mentor to discuss your pressing issues AND your very own Google Doc, which your mentor will take detailed notes on and which you will have forever access to! These are on a first-come, first-served basis. Dates will be posted in the members-only FB group each time they are available. These typically fill up within minutes so be sure to stay active in the group!