Lightroom: From Import to export

A 3 week Workshop experience by mike wade


“I think the hard thing about all these tools is that it takes a fair amount of effort to become proficient”
-Bill Joy

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LIGHTROOM: From Import to export

This is a three week, hands-on workshop led by Mike Wade that will guide students in the full functionality of Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. Mike will discuss best practices for organizing, editing, and managing your photos through Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. This workshop will include a 1hr one on one Lightroom mentorship for active students.


During week one of this workshop, you begin to learn the import and library modules of Lightroom. We will begin with an overview of the Lightroom catalog, what it is and what it isn’t. In addition, we will streamline the import process and focus on organization and working efficiently. The week’s assignment will be to create collections, smart collections, super smart collections, metadata presets, and import presets to speed up your post processing workflow.


Mike will start this week off by diving in to the develop module and breakdown each tool within the module. We will lay down a good baseline of knowledge that will enable you to begin creating more advanced edits within Lightroom. This week’s assignment will be to post process an image from scratch and manipulate each slider within the develop module in order to achieve their desired look. Purchased presets should not be used during this assignment.


We will wrap up week 3 by covering the Map, Book, Slideshow, Print Modules as well as exporting your photographs. In addition, we will create export presets that will integrate with your current data protection plan. There will be no assignment this week but will begin scheduling the 1hr Lightroom mentorships for all active seat students.

A NOTE from Mike on this Workshop Experience:

“Lightroom is an amazing application that can allow photographers to really become proficient and spend less time in post-processing and more time taking photographs. For the past 6 years I have really focused on developing a solid workflow that has allowed me to be confident in my post-processing and organizing in a way that will allow you locate your photographs quickly. In addition, by focusing on my workflow from Import through Export, I have been able to save money and ensure that my data is less vulnerable to catastrophic events. “

In this workshop we will really dive deep to establish a proficient post-processing workflow that will help create consistency, become organized, and guide you to achieving the edits you truly desire.