Pro Guides

In effort to make our educational options available to everyone, we have launched our self-study Pro Guides that are available for a one-time purchase and accessible online forever. We highly recommend that all of our students also become members of the Academy (just $15/month!) for access to our thriving community, creative experts and packed course catalog, but for those looking to download and refer back to specific content, this is a wonderful option.


Becoming Unraveled, the guide

A guide for photographers looking to find their voice and creative balance. There will be a unique holistic approach to creative living present throughout this guide with an emphasis on nutrition and meditation with Yoga Nidra expert, Rebecca Lane, providing beneficial and powerful practices throughout. This guide will walk you through getting re-centered creatively while also focusing on key components to building your brand and excelling at your craft.


Lightroom: From Import to Export, The Guide

In this Pro Guide created by Mike Wade you will learn the full functionality of Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. Mike will discuss the best practices for organizing, editing, and managing your photos through Lightroom. With written content and 13 videos, Mike will thoroughly cover all aspects of Lightroom and you will walk away feeling efficient, confident and knowledgable using the program. to its max.


Unposed, The Guide

One of our most popular Workshops is now available as a Guide. In this Guide, Unraveled co-creator Coleen Hodges will walk you through the entire client experience. She will touch upon client education, preparation, posing vs. unposing, choosing locations, light, client interaction, post-processing, gallery delivery, file organization and workflow. This is an all-encompassing Guide to mastering an unposed, laid-back, artistic and inspirational client experience.

Yoga Nidra Guides

At Unraveled, we take a unique, holistic approach to creative living and believe that it is important to nurture your whole self and maintain balance.

The following three guides were created by our in-house Yoga Nidra Expert, Rebecca Lane, whose voice is is strong, steady and calming while guiding you into creative peace.


Guided YOga nidra for empowerment: dissolving self-doubt

Step away from the limiting stories you tell yourself and step into your true power with these 5 profoundly effective guided meditations. You'll learn how to disengage from patterns of doubt and self sabotage, so that you can truly embrace your true power as a creative entrepreneur.


Guided yoga nidra for creative clarity

Find a deep connection to your true creative self by breaking down mental blocks and finding clarity, balance and confidence in everyday life. Then go out into the world and dow what we're meant to do. And do it well.


Guided Yoga nidra for stress reduction

Profoundly reduce stress and find balance, clarity and calm with meditation coach and creative entrepreneur Rebecca Lane. Allow Rebecca’s soothing voice and wisdom will guide you into some of the best meditations for stress reduction.