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Featuring artists, their stories + art. 
Thank you for your interest in submitting to our blog!! We want every member of our community to have a home with us and a platform to use their voice. As long as you are kind, you are welcome here. Come sit by our fire.

Let's break it down.

In order to submit to the blog, you must submit a gallery of 10-20 images with a story. Every gallery submission must be accompanied by written word -- you can write a letter, a poem, a story, or just your emotions on the page, but you must be authentic, kind and so freaking honest that it’s ridiculous. This can be a heartfelt piece, a client session you loved, a poem you wrote, or a short post on tips and tricks. The only key is that it must be include word and imagery.

Share your soul with us. Tell us your stories. Let’s open the world up a little bit more with our art and our honesty. Above all else, let's create a community or artists where everyone is safe and welcome and embraced for their quirks. 

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