Soulshine: finding inspiration and cultivating creativity

A 3 week Workshop experience by Sue Sonnenberg

"Isn't that what art is all about? We are little messengers, in a world that moves too fast and is filled with pain, sent to show people how to see a beautiful world that still exists." -Sue Sonnenberg

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Soulshine: finding inspiration and cultivating creativity

Come join Sue Sonnenberg of Roots to Willows Photography for a 3-week online intensive workshop experience! Are you ready to let go of what's holding you back from creating with soul? If you've been feeling uninspired or if busy season has you wanting to hang your camera up, you are in the right place. It’s time to get creative again. Sue will take you from initial concept development to polished finished product. Refresh your artistic spirit by listening to Sue’s Creative Affirmations. Enjoy behind-the-scenes footage of Sue shooting on location. Take your art to the next level by watching Sue’s easy-but-impactful Photoshop editing techniques. Push yourself with Sue’s creative homework assignments and use her insightful critiques to take your art ever further. Let go of that self doubt. Shut down the image-envy. Get out of the comparison trap. NOW is the time to start creating for YOU.

Are you ready for the cherry on top of this deliciousness? EVERY SINGLE Active seat will receive Sue’s Fine Art Starter Pack: 5 textures, 3 fine art LR Presets, 5 cloud overlays with video tutorial ($80 in value).


During week one of this workshop, you will start from scratch and discuss your vision for success. Sue will guide you into deep artistic reflection, asking you what it is that is holding you back. You will work together to understand and reach your highest self. With guided meditations, daily journaling, support from Sue, and a project she refers to as the “box method,” you will get a deeper understanding of your unique vision and begin setting goals for success.


Sue kicks off week two with questions that dig deep, like where does inspiration come from? and what can we learn from the greats? This week is all about forming connections and finding signs and patterns in your universe and art. Students will discuss mindfulness and breaking down their walls from the ground up. This week’s assignment will be to create images and stories with defining words and signs from the universe.


Sue’s greatest goal in her own art is to create deeper meaning and depict signs and symbols that speak to HER. She allows the universe to lead her in the right direction and opens herself up to creativity. Week three will help you to no longer hoard your gifts and ideas and show you that your art is bigger than you. You will receive direct critique and support for those moments of self doubt.

A NOTE from Sue on this Workshop Experience:

“I started out on this journey at a time in my life when I felt lost and looking for purpose in the vast would where I felt empty. It was at my lowest, low that I decided to create for myself. For one year I allowed my child-like self to call the shots... to be free to imagine and play again. Being entirely true to myself and putting myself out there was terrifying at first but as with all things it became my new normal. I had this shoebox I hid under my bed growing up that I would store things I found out walking barefoot through the suburbs of New York. Everything was alive and magical to me. From those discarded items I created art or glued them onto journals given them a new purpose. In my year of being unapologetically myself I connected with people who understood me even at times when I didn't understand myself. Doors opened for me, as I was, I was learning that I was enough. This weird adult child playing with trash found a way to make great changes in her community, give purpose to others and fine herself through it all. 

In this workshop we will talk about the importance of imagination and cultivating your creativity. It's not all about creating purposeful works of art that you can be proud of, it's about reprogramming yourself to see that magic in the world around you again. It's about setting yourself free. It's about knowing you are enough and that you and your art have a place in this world. 

Please know these assignments are designed to dig deep but only as deep as you would like to go. You can feel honored, trusted and safe here. Everything is 100% confidential.”