The Unraveled Scholarship foundation

helping women in need of financial stability and creative healing, To build a strong business platform by providing them with the tools necessary to do so, and mentor them to achieve entrepreneurial excellence and creative vision.


A fresh start for a woman in need….

We’re excited to announce The Unraveled Scholarship Fund, where we’re helping women in need of financial stability and creative healing build a profitable photography business.

Here at Unraveled Academy, we’ve known hardship. We’ve also known the power of community, creative healing and starting over with a clean slate.

We created The Unraveled Scholarship Fund to help women who have endured trauma and hardship build profitable photography businesses completely on their own terms.

All proceeds fin our upcoming retreat will go to funding:

  • Canon Camera

  • Canon 50mm 1.4 Lens

  • Apple Computer

  • One year free access to the Unraveled Academy including courses community and mentors.

Our hope is simple: If we’re able to provide all the gear, teachings and resources needed to start a photography business, and surround women with positivity, inspiration and knowledge, they’ll be able to support themselves and live the creative life of their dreams.

We’ll be announcing our first recipient in January and CANNOT WAIT to tell you more about her. She’s incredible.

Interested in sponsoring a woman’s photography business kit? We’d love to work with you. Contact us here.


501(C)(3) NON-PROFIT TAX ID: 81-4228566


Although we do not choose our recipients via formal application, if you know a creative woman in desperate need of a restart, please email us at

Our Scholarship Team

 Amy Jorgensen, Leader

Amy Jorgensen, Leader

  Ashley Grimes , Mentor
  Mike Wade , Leader + Mentor

Mike Wade, Leader + Mentor

  Marti Austen , Mentor

Marti Austen, Mentor

  Sarah Sutton , Mentor

Sarah Sutton, Mentor

  Jessica Louise , Leader
  Jaime Davis , Mentor

Jaime Davis, Mentor

  Brandie Bowen , Mentor
  Hailey Faria , Mentor

Hailey Faria, Mentor

  Toni Black,  Leader
 Co Hodges, Leader

Co Hodges, Leader

  Traci El , Mentor

Traci El, Mentor

  Kelli Johansen , Mentor
  Ashly Collins , Mentor
 Sarah Driscoll, Leader

Sarah Driscoll, Leader

  Becci Ravera , Mentor

Becci Ravera, Mentor

  Chinelle Rojas , Mentor
  Charmi Pena , Mentor

Charmi Pena, Mentor