Unposed, The Workshop


This is the ultimate online workshop experience for the family photographer who is looking to enhance their client experience while being creatively fulfilled. Save time. Make more money. Build your "ideal" client base. Enjoy your work. Let's do this.


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The workshop experience

Co has strategically designed this workshop to encompass the ENTIRE client experience. Week 1 is all about client education, preparation and workflow. For Active Seats, Co will deliver an individual video critique of your business "storefront", including your website, social media pages and client guide. You will actually receive your critique BEFORE week 1 begins, so that you can take her guidance and apply it throughout the week. Week 2 is all about the session. Co will teach you about her take on location, light, client interaction, posing vs unposing and so much more. Your homework that week will be to rock your own Unposed session, which Co will critique. Week 3 is all about post-process, gallery delivery, file organization and the oh-so-important follow-up. Your final assignment will be your edited session from Week 2, which Co will thoroughly critique and give feedback on via a video that you will get to keep. The content will be available to you, to review for an additional 4 weeks after the workshop has ended!


“I feel I have not only learned a crazy amount from this workshop but also that its almost like I have the go ahead to create what my heart wants to create and not worrying about what others will think. This has been THE BEST workshop I have ever been a part of and wish so bad it would last forever! Thank you again Coleen Hodges and to this community! Though I have never met any of you in person I feel we are forever connected.”Amber Thorson

“I just completed Co's Unposed Workshop and I have so many wonderful things to say about it.  Not only did her course give me all the information I need to have a welcoming and informative "storefront", a smooth session, and efficient post production, but she helped me stay centered at what I want to create and offer as well as why I want to do this work/art.  Her critiques gave me information to improve while also inspiring me and validated what I have created so far.  One of her video critiques actually brought me to tears as even though she gave me advice on what to change, she helped me feel more confident about my insecurities in this work. This workshop far exceeded what I had hoped for.  I'm grateful to get to learn from UA and Co!” Anela Deisler

“I truly cannot say enough good things about Unposed and Co Hodges! She poured her heart into the workshop and we could all feel it. Every piece was filled with soul and deep intention. I learned sooo so much and left feeling "inspired as hell" - as Co would say! She is an amazing teacher and the workshop is incredibly informative, but it is so much more than that - the spirit of all of it will linger forever.. I am so grateful!”Natalie Gildersleeve