Become an Unraveled Expert Artist

What does it take to be a UEA? 

In order to become an Unraveled Expert Artist you must be advanced in your craft and voice. You must be brave, authentic and skilled. Expert Artists are not followers, they are leaders. Here at Unraveled, we are unlike many of the other photography communities. We are looking for out-of-the-box artists to stand with us. Those who are creative and emotive in their art will find a home with us. We are intentional rule breakers here. We want to see you learn the rules and then break them with purpose.

We do our best to ensure that all applications are reviewed as objectively and anonymously as possible. We include multiple judges in our decision.

So what does it mean to be “unraveled?”


verb (used with object), unraveled, unraveling or unravelled, unravelling.

 - to separate or disentangle the threads of (a woven or knitted fabric, arope, etc.).

- to free from complication or difficulty; make plain or clear; solve: to unravel a situation; to unravel a mystery.

informal. to take apart; undo; destroy (a plan, agreement, or arrangement).


So simply stated, our Expert Artists have disentangled what it means to be an artist. They have learned and mastered the technicalities and rules and have decided if and how they want to break them. Our UEA program is informal and led by the heart. Artists who are accepted have found their voice and stand behind their vision. It is more than just knowing how to expose or compose an image. It is about creating an image that speaks to the heart, reeks of authenticity and is unwavering and strong.  

We believe with every morsel of our beings that you must look deeply within in order to express yourself freely outwardly. You must separate every thread of your being, learn who you are, who you want to be, and free yourself from complications in order to become who you were made to be –– artistically, wholly, and plainly.



To apply, you must fill out the application and submit a gallery of 100 images for review. Please be sure your gallery is downloadable so if you are accepted, we can share your incredible imagery!

Unraveled Expert Artist

To apply you must fill out the application, share social media links and submit a gallery of 100 images for review. Please be sure that your gallery is downloadable so that we can share your incredible imagery!

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Unraveled Expert Artists are beautiful examples of bold artists who have a unique voice and vision. They are leading members in our community.  If accepted as a UEA, the artist will receive a badge for their website, be listed in our directory as a UEA (which will increase the chance of client bookings and networkings)  and will also be put into a pool of potential Unraveled Instructors for paid teaching gigs. This is a wonderful way to break into the Photography Education field and make money sharing your gifts and voice with our community.

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You must score an 78 or higher to be accepted. 

portfolios are reviewed and scored based on the following criteria:

1 – Exposure

15 points

Understanding your score: Knowing the exposure triangle is essential to good photography. To receive a 15 points, we expect that your exposure is superb in all light conditions. We need to see proof that you can shoot in soft, flat and dimensional light, as well as challenging and intense side-light and backlighting. In addition. Perfect scores in this category will only be given to those who use aperture, shutter speed and ISO intentionally and artistically. We always appreciate when exposure is being used to enhance the story behind the photograph and used in a variety of ways to depict your artistic ability and vision.  Flaunt your capabilities.

2 – Color & White Balance

15 points

Many artists struggle with color and white balance and how their post processing (or presets) affect the skin tones and whites present in the image. It often takes many years before an artist can truly learn to see color and white balance well and therefore manipulate it with intention.

Now, with that said, we are not looking for PERFECT skin tones,we do understand that certain artists edit warm or cool because of their artistic vision or mood; however, we will review portfolios and look for colors that are wonky, unintentional and that simply miss the mark. Our team will discuss and review each decision made to ensure they are unbiased.

Artists who score high in this category, will be accurate in white balance and tones consistently and any mixed light or reflected colors are controlled and handled with intention and mindfulness.

3 – Technicalities (focus, use of depth of field, etc)

15 points

Having good and intentional focus is one of the most important aspects of creating a powerful and strong image. Your depth of field also plays a large role in this. We require our artists to understand that focal points must be intentional and that depth of field should be considered when choosing what aperture they shoot at. When reviewing your portfolio, our team will ask ourselves whether your focus is accurate and makes sense, as well as if your aperture is allowing for necessary details to be seen and if it adds to the story the image is trying to tell. With that said, we understand that freelensing and out-of-focus shots are sometimes lovely as well and we want you to embrace and include images that are quirky with purpose.

4 – Composition + Posing

15 points

We are looking for artists who are out of the box. We are looking for artists who are not just shooting straight-on, at the same angle and perspective over and over again. Composition is essential to a strong, powerful portfolio. We ask that you flaunt your compositional and posing skills in your portfolio submission.

Artists who do well in this category are not merely following the rule of thirds and are not continuously center-composing. Instead, they are diving into compositions that are mindful and considering layering, they are are conscious of limb chops and awkward angles, incorporating lines and colors and shape in their compositions, and they are posing people to enhance the story and connection.

5 – Post Processing

10 points

Post processing is where many artists find their voice and style. We all long to standout in our colors and tones and overall vibe. The key is to rely on your technical talents and then allow the post processing to merely enhance that rather than to become obsessed with using a unique (and sometimes wonky) preset. Artists who do poorly in this section are either over-editing and relying on it too intensely on it or are not editing at all which results in flat and unsharpened imagery.

6 – Cohesion of Work + Brand

10 points

This category can often be confused with Post Processing but we believe it deserves it’s own considerations. An artist who is cohesive in their art and brand is consistently putting out work that can be recognized. It does not mean they have to use the same preset over and over again, but it does mean that there are similarities, familiar stories and vibes, and an overall feel to their work. You should be able to look at a body of work and say, “her work is always happy and warm,” or his work is “deep and entrancing.” Tell us who you are and what you are drawn to in  your portfolio.

7 – Creativity + Authenticity

10 points

One of our biggest missions here at Unraveled is to teach you “ how to be YOU,” not “how to be me.” We are not looking for artists who are merely replicating what they have seen their favorite artists do. We are looking for artists who have been inspired but then create their own unique art. Show us your own unique voice.

8 – Openness + Readiness (to share your brand and unique vision)

10 points

This is not about the number of followers or likes. This is about vulnerability. Our Expert Artists have a passion for art and creation. They are emerging into confident artists who long to depict authenticity and rawness. They have a mission in their art – whether that be to simply capture their memories or to start a movement. We understand that certain artists are shy or private or unwilling to share their personal lives on social media and that is understandable. With that said, we do look for artists who do put themselves out in there in one way or another and consistently create and challenge themselves. We want artists who stand for something – no matter how big or small.