This guide was created by Unraveled Academy. The photographers and artists within our community share our vision and are permitted to use it to help style and prep their own clients. 


You have two options for the location of your shoot: in your home or at an outdoor location. Please discuss the benefits of each with your photographer. 


Let's discuss what it means to be a lifestyle photographer. The term "lifestyle" means that your photographer  will not be focusing on the everyone-look-at-the-camera-and-say-"cheese" images during your shoot —though we do typically capture a few of these for you. But the focus of lifestyle photography is to document authentic moments and connections. Lifestyle photographers will help guide their clients into genuine moments while helping them relax and be themselves in order to tell the story with honesty. 

Lifestyle photographers will often tell their clients not to look at the camera unless prompted. We will direct you into pretty light, ask you to walk hand-in-hand, suggest you tickle the littlest member of your family or play ring around the rosy. All the while, we are looking and documenting true moments. 

What we ask from our clients as lifestyle photographers  is that you are not afraid to be yourself and that you allow those joining you at your shoot to be themselves as well. Please, please, show up open. Do not be afraid to love on your babies or your partner. Laugh, tickle, snuggle, slide your fingers through their hair, tell them how much you love them, and just keep connecting to your people.   Never ask me, "is this okay?" because if it is natural and feels right, then it is okay with me. Just allow yourself to be in the moment as much as possible and enjoy the experience. Silliness and laughter is always always welcome. 


First of all, take a deep breath! Aim to find clothing that is comfortable and reflects you. 

For in-home sessions, we recommend light, pale, neutral colors and comfortable, flowy clothing. Tees, house dresses, jeans, even yoga pants and sweatpants can be great if done right. Oh, and barefeet. 

For outdoor sessions, we think coordinating (not matching is best. Pick a few colors you love and pair them together. 


1. Steer clear of fluorescents

2. Layer — it adds depth and texture. Think hats, vests, scarves, bow ties, belts, suspenders. 

3. Be comfy. I would steer clear of heels or clothing that is too tight. You want to be able to move around and feel good. 

4. Flowy dresses work beautifully on women and little girls and show so much motion. 

5. No logos or words — stay timeless. 

6.  Look relaxed. Plain vneck tees are always great for boys and men. Too often polos and collared shirts are worn and leave guys looking a little stiff. 


When prepping for your in-home session, we highly recommend focusing on the master bedroom. You may want to declutter just a bit! But with that said, we specialize in honest photography so we do love the occasional messy bed with a family all tangled up and lost in the messy sheets. 

A few things I recommend is having a white or neutral duvet cover if at all possible. You can even use the duvet insert, white sheets, or sprawl a nice white quilt over the bed. Whites and neutrals will allow more light to reflect up onto your faces, will brighten all of your images, and create a timeless feel. If you dont have something white or neutral, be sure to keep it as classic as possible. Remember colors and patterns will eventually be dated, which makes neutrals best. 

Another thing to remember for your indoor snoots is that if you have items on your end tables or coffee table and we are shooting nearby, those items will be in your images. If you do not want them seen, please move them. Just tucking them away in the closet will do the trick! 

We suggest you clean and declutter some, but please do not stress! This should be your authentic story. 

Oh, and be prepared to be barefooted!! No socks or shoes allowed at home. Let's get comfy. 




Little Girls. 

Little Boys.