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Course Overview
Have you ever wondered how some photographers get that gorgeous blur in their images? In The Painterly Photograph lesson, Bobbi will show students how to freelens in order to add a dreaminess to your images. It’s a style of shooting that let’s go of perfectionism and embraces an impressionistic look to your photos!

Bobbi Clark  

 "Beauty begins the moment we decide to be ourselves."
– Coco Chanel   
Bobbi Sue Clark is a part time photographer located in Central Wisconsin. She takes much pride in being a wife and full time mother to 4 wild & spirited daughters. She has always had a deep appreciation for all mediums of art and is grateful to find her own medium in photography. She also loves including her daughters into her art and creating pieces with them that have a dreamy and magical feel. She can be found spending most of her time listening to music, homeschooling her daughters, exploring/hiking, or working on one of her many home remodel projects.