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Our Story. 

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: the photography community was starting to feel like a popularity contest and not everyone had a lunch table to sit at where they felt welcomed and comfortable. We became concerned by the lack of support, quality education and encouragement of each person’s unique creative journey. As artists ourselves, we know the indisputable link between great art and free and open self-expression. We couldn’t stand how many vibrant voices were being stifled because they didn’t feel like they had access to a safe space to explore themselves and inspire their creativity. We started Unraveled Academy to create an alternative. By creating an inclusive and nurturing community, jam-packed with educational and inspirational experiences, we provide students and teachers the opportunity to sit side-by-side and learn from, support and inspire one another. There is no hierarchy, only good questions and equal passion. By providing edgy courses, networking opportunities, and constant hands-on interaction, we’re able to provide a higher-quality, more vibrant opportunity for artists to become masters of their own unique, creative journeys… not a version of someone else’s. We believe education should be accessible to all. We offer a cost-friendly membership so no artist looking for high value courses and community support gets left behind. Most importantly, we believe in the power of the misfits, outliers and underdogs to create art that will change the world. Whoever you are, wherever you are—you’ve got a seat at our table. We hope you’ll join us.
Our team

Meet our team

Melissa Lane Isaksson 
Brand Marketing Manager + Event Director
Melissa is a photographer and mother located in Arizona. As a free spirit and gypsy soul, Melissa finds joy in travel and meeting new people. She is nurturer and cares for every single person she meets, especially those in this community. The true mother hen of Unraveled, Melissa enjoys working behind the scenes to watch others grow and shine. 
Ace Fanning 
Community Manager + Director of Social Media
Ace is a portrait photographer with a business that has stood the test of time in Phoenix, Arizona. Ace is loud and opinionated, but soft and passionate about people, photography and helping others find their voice. He is a true believer in getting your hands dirty in order to learn. Ace is unapologetically inappropriate and everyone's biggest cheerleader. 
Sarah Driscoll
Content Manager + Creative Director 
Sarah is a portrait photographer located in Massachusetts. She is a gentle spirit with the mouth of a sailor. First and foremost, she is a mother and natural born artist and is enamored by the beauty that can be found in each face she photographs. Shy at first, but a true Bostonian at her core – Sarah is an enigma who is truly happiest witnessing hard work pay off. 

Our Vision

To provide quality education within an inclusive and nurturing community, full of fellow photographers and industry experts.

 Unraveled Academy helps photographers: 
  • Develop technical skills—from the most basic to the most advanced.
  • Learn how to build a successful photography business.
  • Take better pictures of your kids
  • Grow as an artist within a nurturing, hands-on community.

Our community was founded for our people by our people. We are doers, thinkers, dreamers, welcomers. From experts to beginners, we’re in this together.