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This course is for anyone interested in how to create an atmosphere of inclusive empowerment boudoir/portraits for cis and trans females and non-binary folks. I will be taking you through the foundations of my own work, and why I believe this is a powerful genre to bring women to a healing place. How do you create works of art with your clients when they may be held back by low self-esteem or body struggles? How to ensure you do not project your own beliefs and body struggles onto your clients. I will take you on the beginning steps of how to create from a female gaze and to empower your clients from within themselves.

Shannon Smith 

“Don't trade your authenticity for approval."

Shannon Smith loves serving the world by empowering women, cis & trans, & non-binary folks in capturing the essence of her clients in Portrait & Boudoir Images, and using her Body Image Coaching skills to assist her clients in defining their authentic selves. Shannon’s mission is to help each woman/folk rebuild their foundations of self worth, build their self esteem, and find or re-ignite their inner power. She truly believes that with each woman/folk stepping into their own power and definition of self, that not only will the client's journey evolve, but they will also affect all those in their world. Shannon’s priority is to create an environment of safety, inclusivity, purpose, care, and education for clients and her team. Shannon Smith is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.