A Workshop and Individualized Mentorship 

LEGACY: The richness of an individual's life, including
what that person has accomplished and the impact he or she had on people and places.

I’ve found the best way to create meaningful images, is by pulling from our own life experiences. Experiences that are special to you and only you. Join me on a three week journey of self reflection, examining  all the areas of your heart that are reflective in your work. Let me walk you through the process on how to be organically inspired in any situation. Whether you are telling your story or someone else’s story, we have an incredible role as storytellers. Let me teach you how to use your life experiences to photograph a visual representation of all the small moments that collectively make up the big moments. Both in your personal work and your client work—recognizing both are interwoven into the fabric of who you are.  Let me help you create images that look and feel like you.  This workshop+mentorship will require some self reflection and vulnerability. While that might feel scary, I want you to know this is a safe place to do so. I’m confident that if you show up each week, open and ready, you’ll leave this workshop being a better version of yourself and a better photographer for your clients. 

I cannot wait to meet you and help you navigate a plan to reach your goals and create your own legacy. 

With love,
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Behind The Scenes & Editing videos 

Workshop included multiple BTS videos; including indoor, newborn, & family. Also watch Sarai edit the images from those sessions.

Weekly live's:
Q & A

Join me for a live Q&A weekly.
Ask questions, get feedback, etc.

Personalized mentorship option

1:1 mentorship activity of your choice: portfolio review
editing session
website review
goal mapping

Private FB Group

Access to a private FB group where you can share images, ask questions, etc.

LOVE LETTERS | Documenting a legacy with Sarai Jacobs.

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Love Letters overview:
A three week, interactive+individualized journey into who you are and how you see the world as an artist. But most importantly, how that translates into your images. Spend the next three weeks with me learning how to find, identify, and capture the moments that will be most treasured in the years to come...for you+your clients. 
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  • Behind the Scenes Videos

  • 1:1 mentorship activity of your choice: portfolio review, editing session, website review, goal mapping

  • Watch Sarai edit

  • Group Q&A

  • Lifetime access to conten

What Sarai's Students are Saying...


“I was (and still am) so inspired by Sarai’s Love Letters Workshop. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet and learn from her. Telling stories, while capturing true moments is where my heart is and Sarai had a way of expanding how I see the world and my clients all while helping me connect to the “why” behind my work. She made me feel comfortable, seen, and encouraged. Truly a wonderful experience.”
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Sarai is simply the best! She teaches through her talent, knowledge and heart. She takes time to give the appropriate critique and feedback needed. I would take another course from her in a heartbeat. Thank you Sarai for passing your knowledge on to better my work as a photographer. 

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I have admired Sarai’s work for years and when I saw she had created a workshop for Unraveled there was no question in my mind I was going to do it!
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Sarai is a natural born teacher. She generously shares her knowledge and experience within this workshop. She shares the highs and lows of her career and what her drivers have been all while managing to coax out what drives you and how you can capture the essence of what you want to with your family and newborn photography.
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I am looking forward to revisiting the content of this workshop over and over because there is just so much to soak in and apply immediately. Sarai is such a warm and kind hearted person that her teaching style allows you to try things and get honest feedback to improve. I highly recommend this workshop and I am so glad she created it!
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Sarai pours her whole heart into everything she does!  She is a no bullsh*t instructor who tells you how it is without all the fluff!  She is transparent in her struggles as an artist and business owner and I appreciate that so much! My favorite part of this workshop were the LIVE Q&A's!  She left no question unanswered! 
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Hey, I'm Sarai!

Sarai is a family & newborn photographer living in the Dallas area with her husband and four wild kids. The majority of her time is spent raising her four kids to be good humans, behind her camera creating rad images, or hunting down the best food in town. Sarai is a lover of people, art, true crime, interior design, and good television. Enneagram 2w3. Firm believer in loving people well, lifting others, and leaving people better than she found them.