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Course overview
Dive deep into the heart of artist, Meg Koning as she unwinds her passion and purpose behind her Bones of Us project and all it entails. You will see Meg in a behind the scenes shoot with her couple, learn how she preps her clients, watch how she edits and ultimately see her entire process from start to finish. She will openly discuss the difference between sexuality and sensuality and hold nothing back.

Margaret Koning

Margaret Koning Cassie (also answers to Meg) is a portrait photographer in Arvada, Colorado. In 2020 she started compiling a personal project turned fine art series called Bones of Us. The series focuses on portraits of couples in outdoor environments. When not daydreaming about being on a mountain with a cold beer and her camera, Meg can be found fighting a losing battle in chaos with her four children, enjoying an occasional date night with her partner and loving on their unruly Goldendoodle. She adores hiking, running and rowing. And, let's be honesty, dancing while vacuuming as well. While her favorite thing to do is laugh, she also funds currency in deep, meaningful conversations about love, the earth and jagged edges of our souls.