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This group is our community.
Our private Facebook group is a safe-space to learn and connect with other members of the Unraveled community. This group provides learning opportunities, live behind-the-scenes, creative challenges and is also a place to ask questions, get critiques and a chance to get featured and become an Unraveled Artist of the Year!

We've put together some videos to help you navigate the academy a little easier!
Your first time here can be a bit intimidating, but we want to help eliminate any fears you may have! These videos will walk you through some of the most important and most commonly visited pages within the academy!

Learn how to manage your account, subscription and be in control of every aspect of your account!

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Who doesn't love free shit? Your Unraveled subscription doesn't just get you access to our hundreds of awesome courses, we also throw in a bunch of freebies! Check 'em out!

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Every single week– rain or shine, Unraveled releases a BRAND NEW course for you to soak up! With all this goodness, we want to make sure you don't miss a thing!

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With so many courses available– you're probably going to want to know how to keep everything nice and organized!

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We release a new courses and videos every month. You can subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on IG or join our Facebook group to stay up to date about the latest and greatest! 
Our community is like no other. Each member is not JUST a student, but also a teacher. Our Facebook group is a great place to ask for feedback on your work or have your questions answered! 

Unraveled Academy is not some big corporation with a customer service department overseas.
We are a very small team of four. We like to think of ourselves as the mom & pop photography spot! When you have a problem and you reach out– you're getting one of us on the other end! We are familiar with every name and face that comes into Unraveled and we want nothing more than to be able to help you! If you ever have any problem at all– never hesitate to reach out! We are here for you!