We've been exactly where you are right now! We get it! Everything feels so overwhelming, but also so incredibly exciting! There is a desire, no a need, to try and learn everything you possibly can, as fast as humanly possible... but listen to us when we say, "take your time!" You will find that your creative journey is much more of a marathon than a sprint... or maybe a rollercoaster! One day you will feel like the next Annie Leibovitz and the next, you'll be fine tuning your resume to work at JCPenny's photo center.  The best part about the creative journey is that it's always evolving... and the worst part of the creative journey is that it never stops evolving. You will never stop learning from this point forward– there is no "end-point," just new hills to climb! So... buckle up, settle in, grab your barf bag... and enjoy the ride, because it is a damn beautiful one!
We recommend starting with our Master Beginner Course to learn the exposure triangle and start shooting in manual. Plus you can snag some cheat sheets to print and have on hand when you are practicing! 
Get inspired by some of our top courses geared toward beginners or those who are just starting out. 
Indulge in some editing videos. We understand you may be hesitant to start watching these videos before you even start taking pictures you love, but it can help open your eyes up to different perspectives and styles. A key part of your creative journey will ve finding your voice and unique way of editing. So taking in little tidbits of advice from pros is a great step.