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AI Editing with Chelsea Erickson

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In these videos, Chelsea will show you which apps she uses to generate AI images. She will also share her process behind creating AI edited images, how to upload and edit them in Lightroom, as well as the potential flaws to look for throughout the process.

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Chelsea Erickson

“True nostalgia is an ephemeral composition of disjointed memories." – Florence King

Chelsea is from Iowa and takes on almost any type of session she can from families to couples to seniors!  She has been a photography fanatic since she was about 6 years old and if you were to go through her tote of family photos you would find numerous where she dressed her brothers up and made them pose in front of various places around the backyard. She has always had a camera and used it to capture her family but decided to try and make an income off of it so she could stay home with her babies starting in 2017. It started off pretty slow and she wanted to give up multiple times but nevertheless, she persisted and she is now where she never thought she would be, photographing beautiful people nearly every weekend and sending galleries out that she is very proud of.

She is a lover of the simpler things in life and loves living in the moment; which is the inspiration for her documentary style photography. She is always ready for a new adventure and will never turn down a road trip! In her very little free time she enjoys hanging out with her babies and fiancé, hiking, and she is attending college for her bachelors degree in Environmental Science with a concentration in conservation.

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