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Back to the 70s by Anna Kruse

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In this course we will be discussing all the before that is essential to creating 70’s inspired images from the before and how we can now create that nostalgia all over again. We will be going over film, its history and even its development. Lastly we will be focusing on the editing portion and how we can create without having a film camera. It is a time to let go and dive in creatively in capturing memory worthy images.

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Anna Kruse

“True nostalgia is an ephemeral composition of disjointed memories." – Florence King

Anna Kruse is a family photographer based out of Kelso, Washington.  She is married and a momma to two kiddos and lots of pets! Anna has been doing family photography for 5 years. One of  Anna’s greatest enjoyments is photographing connections as authentically as she can as she is a firm believer that photographs are one the  greatest treasures we leave behind of our existence in the world.

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