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Editing with Christina McGuire

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This editing tutorial will take you through McGuireMoments editing process. She will show you how she enhances photos through shadows and highlights to achieve an emotive outcome. She will also be discussing the presets she uses and the tools included with some, as well as, discussing her usage of masking.

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Christina McGuire

“The most precious jewels you'll ever have around your neck are the arms of your children."

After a little under a decade of working as a home-health physical therapist assistant, Tina decided she was ready for a career change. She took a leap of faith a little over a year ago and began digesting anything and everything she could find about her newfound passion, photography. Tina is a wife, a mother, and now.. a budding photographer! She is currently located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, but will soon be planted in Central Texas this summer. She is a human mama, but also a chicken, pup, and garden mama. If she isn’t behind the lens, digging her hands in the dirt, or bribing her chickens to love her with fresh goodies from the garden - you can catch her pouring herself a glass of wine while she dances in the kitchen cooking dinner for her family!

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