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Danielle Hatcher

Danielle is a natural light, lifestyle family photographer specializing in capturing beautifully honest families. She’s a native Californian - born in So Cal and moved up north for college. After graduating, she stuck around in Northern California. Just a few short months after she met her husband. The rest is a blur. Over 12 years later, they’ve got 3 kids and 2 adopted dogs loving and living in the burbs of Sacramento.

Danielle loves Diet Dr. Pepper. Cooking. Working out. Playing golf. Shopping. Traveling. Binge watching Netflix. And, of course, spending time with her family. Not necessarily in that order. She’s an extroverted introvert with the worst case of black thumbs you've ever seen (black thumbs = opposite of green thumbs). She’s got a strange phobia of ice, and use far too many exclamation points! Her kids beg her to stop singing along to the radio, so she has officially given up on her pursuit to be the next American Idol. She shoots with a Nikon D750, and an ever-growing list of lenses. And, occasionally, when she gets a wild hair, she shoots a roll of 35mm film.Mother. Lifestyle Photographer. Educator. 

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