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A Lesson with Anna Hurley

Food Photography 101 with Anna Hurley

This lesson will introduce you to the beginnings of a relationship with food photography. You will learn about the best light to use and how to think about your composition. How props can enhance your scene but don’t have to overrun your home. We will learn about styling and how to involve some helping hands. Food photography doesn’t have to be intimidating, and this lesson will help you get started on your journey to tasty photographs.

Anna Hurley

"In 20 years you will be more disappointed
by what you didn't do than what you did do."
– Mark Twain
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Anna is a wife of 15 years to her first love, and mother to her two beautiful children. As a kid she was always creative, playing music and drawing. Her photographer journey began when her daughter was around two years old. She started using a DSLR when her husband purchased one that had been sitting around collecting dust. Jumping straight into manual mode and never looking back, she started searching online for resources to learn from and to find ways to better document her daughter growing up. 

Anna is a Starbucks addict, procrastinator at heart, always running late and loves to explore and discover new places. She is happiest when she can do it all with her husband and two kids.