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Stephanie Granger 

"I choose to make the rest of my life, the best of my life."
 – Louise Hay
Stephanie Granger is a single mother by choice located in Western Massachusetts. She is slightly addicted to shopping and traveling, so she purchased a Nikon D3300 several years ago to take better pictures of her different adventures. However, when she wasn't traveling, the camera mostly stayed in the box. It wasn't until the birth of her son in 2017, she dusted the camera off. She wanted to capture his life, but she was fruited every time she picked up the camera. Not understanding why she couldn't achieve studio type portraits in her living room, she started seeking way to learn and grow. This led her to discover Unraveled Academy. Stephanie attended the Unraveled Retreat in 2019 and learned about the art of self-portraiture, which intrigued her because as a single mother, she didn't have anyone to pass her camera to at home. Her passion for photography deepened as she realized she now had a way to capture her life with her son, but it wasn't until she turned the camera on just her that her love for photography, and more importantly herself, really blossomed.