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Jackleen Leed 

“Don't trade your authenticity for approval."

Aquarius sun, Leo ascendant, Scorpio moon.Coffee is a very, very  important plant ally of mine.Tarot is medicine, but I still have trouble taking it at times.

Jackleen Leed is an herbal shamanic apprentice, psychology PhD, and photographer currently residing on a foggy and mystical island in the Salish Sea.  She is also a mother with three children Earth-side and two more on the way. She spends her time communing with trees, digging in her garden, and exploring muddy trails, oftentimes barefoot. Her soul aligned business, Wild Women Wandering, provides spiritual photography, sacred ceremony, earthly rituals, red tents, and kindred spirit retreats to unearth and liberate the Wild Woman within.  She is also available for Wild Woman mentorships upon request and would love nothing more than to help other artists provide sessions that reconnect folks with themselves and with the Earth.