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Editing with Marcie Weiszbrod

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In this video, Marcie will walk you through start to finish on how she edits a family session to achieve that filmy warmth and nostalgia. She will discuss the different presets used and what tweaks are employed in order to maintain a consistent feel throughout the gallery.

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Marcie Weiszbrod

“You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."

Marcie Weiszbrod is a lifestyle and storytelling family, couples, and motherhood photographer out of Salt Lake City, Utah. She is a wife to her southern belle of a husband, Matt, and mama to darling September James. She is highly addicted to coffee, a little bookish,  survives off of trips to the mountains, and is most definitely watching a 90s rom-com or Friends reruns while she edits. For Marcie, photography has always been about connection - seeing the unique ways that people find their way to each other and observing how light fuses that connection from earth to skin. It’s also about how people move about their life and ritualistically discover moments and activities that bind their souls. Her goal in each session is to highlight the beauty in those connections.

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