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Editing with Naomi Hopkins

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In this video, Naomi walks you through her editing process and discusses how to maintain beautiful, rich skin tones and colors.

Naomi Hopkins

“You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."

Welcome to my little world! I’m Naomi – Iced Coffee is her love language. She is a Little Debbie Christmas Tree loving lady, who loves the aesthetics of an organized… well anything. She is the ninth of 10 kids. You read that right. Six boys and four girls; her parents really loved each other. Having been raised in a family of photographers and artists, you could say photography runs in her blood. Some of her first memories are in the dark room with her dad, getting in trouble for letting light in when she was not supposed to. 

Naomi loves highlighting the best in people. Her mom always told her that “you should always leave someone better than how you find them,”. During her sessions, she always likes to leave her clients not only feeling better after their sessions, but seeing themselves and their families through a different lens. Gifting her clients the ability to freeze the best of times fills her heart with so much joy. I guess you could say it’s her super power. She likes to inject that same thought-process in her editing. How she can  take the reality of what she saw and sprinkle a little vibrant magic on top? Kind of like the sprinkles on top of Little Debbie Christmas Tree cakes. Join her as she goes over a few of her favorite tips for keeping richness in skin tones, but also keeping them true to life. And if you love it, join her in January for an online workshop that will INCLUDE the presets she used for this video.

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