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Course overview
In this video, you will learn a few tips and tricks to comfortably interact with both a brand new baby and parents during a newborn lifestyle session. Not every newborn session is froggy poses and this video sets out to prove that! Come along as Jessica gives us all her best tips + tricks for successful lifestyle newborn sessions!

Jessica Sheridan

“You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."

Jess has been married to her husband Daniel for 12 years and they love to adventure, travel, DIY the ish outta their 1920 home, marathon food shows then search out delicious food to eat, hang out in coffee shops and enjoy local craft brews while sitting by a fire in their backyard. They’re kinda connected at the hip, but they’re not complaining :) They have backpacked Europe, gone wine tasting in Napa, climbed a mountain in South Dakota and sat in the Mediterranean but none of that compares to the art she has made with her husband. They are both theatre artists and have a deep passion for storytelling. Not only is Daniel her best friend and soul mate, he's also her IT guy, accountant, tax man, occasional second shooter and all around biggest supporter! 

She is a proud boy mom to Charlie and Elliot. Hearing them laugh, watching them play and getting to snuggle them are a few of her favorite weeknight activities. Watching their personalities develop is the coolest adventure Jess has been on yet.

Jess has made a profession out of storytelling. Be it on stage or behind the camera, it is her true calling. She has a theatre degree and has taught theater classes to kids at Davenport Junior Theatre for the last 10+ years. Jess is connected to her emotions and doesn't mind being vulnerable so you can get in touch with yours as well. She’s a family girl. She’s a coffee addict, Netflix binge artist, lover of tacos, sunlight, rain and adventure. She’s an enneagram 5 and naturally an introvert but an evening recharging at home with her boys gets her ready to tackle anything. She believes in trying to make a difference and love and all the forms it comes in. Jess is a plant lady and way too into true crime and obsessed with her home and making it as cozy a place for her family as possible.
Most of all, Jess can’t believe she gets to call this her job and she can’t wait to share her art with you.