An Unraveled Self Guided Workshop

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So, you missed the live retreat? 
No worries.
We are giving you the next best thing.

So, what's it all about? 

It goes without saying that 2020 (well into 2021) really shook things up. The entire world was asking: “What does the future look like?” It felt as though we were all in this constant limbo of spinning off the rails while simultaneously feeling as though everything was stuck at a complete standstill. We were all craving connection and inspiration, which is why we decided to launch The Onward Virtual in order to help photographers refocus, reconnect and rebuild as individuals. We had two successful runs of Onward and now we are retiring it as a "live retreat" and turning it into a self guided workshop because we believe the material inside is TOO GOOD to sit and collect dust. This revamped version of Onward includes the same materials (videos, written content, PDFs) minus the instructor lives, Q&As assignments and connection points). Students can now learn from these top notch instructors at their own pace from the comfort of their home. 

What's Included?

With 11 diverse sections, Onward touches on various genres of photography to spark your creative mind and peak your interest. You will find lessons on photographing weddings, portraits, couples, seniors, families, self-portraiture, motherhood, and creative shoots, as well as an inspiring keynote speech from Yan Palmer and guided meditation from our Yoga Nidra specialist. 

Behind the Scenes Videos
Each instructor will include a look at a full session with them – discussing their approach, vision, posing, process and thinking. There will be no rock left unturned. 
Yoga Nidra Sessions + A Keynote Speaker
This is not just about education. Onward is a mind, body and soul experience. We recommend devoting time to listen to our incredible keynote speaker as she discusses creativity and transcendence and engage in Yoga Nidra sessions (available within) each day you devote to your studies. We believe this will enhance your creative mind and spirit. 
8 Written Lessons and Downloadable PDFs 
Each lesson will be an in-depth look at these topics: couples, families, portraiture, seniors, creative shoots, weddings and motherhood. Each photography section includes an in-depth behind the scenes video, a downloadable PDF and a look into your instructors editing process.   
Editing Videos
There will be editing videos by all of our core instructors breaking down their top tips for tones. Instructors will discuss their presets, workflow, and retouching. 
Yan Palmer 
No workshop is complete without the addition of a powerful and inspiring keynote speaker. Yan will be bringing peace and transcendence as she digs into the heart of every creative. 
Idara Ekpoh 
Idara will be discussing her approach to reflective self portraiture, as well as digging into how to edit and polish portraits and melanated skin tones.
Anna Caitlin
Anna will be discussing her approach to intimate and compelling couple portraiture. She will share how she connects and over-delivers with her clients. 
Jayme Ford
Jayme has a wonderful and alluring way of capturing families in their element. She will break down her entire process – start to finish, from posing to editing. 
Rebecca Lane
Find your daily zen with Yoga Nidra specialist, Rebecca Lane. She will guide you through how you can use Yoga Nidra as an incredible and powerful tool that will help your creativity and allow you to break free from mental and emotional blocks with mind/body balancing
Ace Fanning 
Ace holds nothing back throughout the Onward Retreat– he's a straight shooter who know what he likes. Ace will be tackling both seniors and creative sessions for this workshop, breaking down posing, workflow and client interaction, as well as finding inspiration when you're running on empty. 
Elise Meader
Follow along as Elise, alongside her favorite work buddy, Sarah take us behind-the-scenes into the wedding world! This dynamic duo was sick of feeling like weddings all had to be done the same way– so they kissed old traditions out and did things their own way.
Lauren Phillips 
Lauren is the creator of Lover Her Wild Photography based out of Byron Bay, Australia. She is a muma, artist, mentor and a lover of the freedom a woman gets when given just enough opportunity to be free from the everyday hustle. She creates emotive images that honor all that is revered matriarchal.  
Maggie Rechkemmer
Maggie is a Quad Cities based lifestyle photographer focusing on all things family storytelling. Follow along as Maggie takes us behind-the-scenes into creating a session that is anything but typical. Watch as Maggie makes time for creativity while still managing client expectations... and warning: you'll be left smiling the entire time you watch!
Sarah Driscoll 
Sarah will walk students through her entire thought process behind portraiture. She will find ugly locations and discuss how to make them work, as well as the importance of truly seeing and admiring your subject. She will also discuss how to be laid back in your approach to wedding photography in order to avoid burnout. 

Learn at your own pace.

This is a revamped version of a retired live workshop which will allow you to learn at your own pace and revisit areas of interest time and time again. 

Onward: Self-Guided Workshop

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