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Mastering Seniors with Ace Fanning

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course overview
Join Ace behind the scenes as he discusses how you can elevate your senior photography with lighting, movement, outfit changes, posing and of course, editing.

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Ace Fanning

An extremely sensitive sarcastic with a cheerful disposition for the every day mundane who isn't focused on how full or empty the glass is, but skeptical of the liquid inside... 
Ace Fanning is a portrait photographer and educator based out of Phoenix, AZ. His teaching style is extremely hands-on and detailed while making it easy to understand. He has been a photographer for over 10 years, starting his business as a Sophomore in college and going full time his Junior year. He doesn't like excuses or bullshitting– it tells you what you need to hear, not what you are hoping to hear. Ace is motivated by results and each and every time he teaches, he wants to see progress out of every person in the room.