We offer portfolio and website reviews. 

We would love the opportunity to review your portfolio or website. Our reviews are very concise, direct, and honest. Our team understands what it is like to be forever growing and learning on your creative journey. But we also understand the importance of feedback and honesty. It is so important to get an outside perspective on what are your strengths and weaknesses. 
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Portfolio Review 

Submit a gallery of 100 images or less to be reviewed by one of our team members. Reviews will touch on exposure, white balance, color, cohesion, technicalities (focus, use of depth of field, etc), composition, posing, and creativity. Reviews will be completed via video. Reviewer will pull up your gallery, discuss strengths and weaknesses, and record themselves touching upon the essential elements that make a strong portfolio. Video review will be received via Vimeo link and will be 10+ minutes in length. 

Website Review

Submit your website link to our team. From there, our team will review your website and give you a list of things we want to see you add and remove from your site. We will break apart your layout, discuss where you should make changes in format, and make note of anything that absolutely NEEDS to be there but isn’t. This is a no-fluff review. Video review will be received via Vimeo link and will be 10+ minutes in length. You will also receive an emailed checklist of things to change. 

The Process: 

  • Step One:  Purchase your Pro Review below.  
  • Step Two: Gather Your Images and/or links to submit.
  • Step Three: Navigate back to your Pro Review "Course" listing to SUBMIT.  (Please note, you will find this in the "My Courses" section. 
  • Step Four: Wait patiently (or not so patiently) for your video critique review. You can expect to hear from us within 1-3 weeks.


Great! If you are ready to submit, you can do so right away. But don't worry, if you still have to gather all of your material, you can simply purchase now and navigate back here in the "my courses" section of the Academy and submit later!
Please note: You will not have access to submit your material until you have purchased your review, so please do so first!