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Golden Hearts | Emotive Family Photography
with Shiloh Colleen

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Course overview
In this course students will learn and practice how to authentically engage and document their family sessions. You will be provided unique tools, descriptive prompts and preparedness techniques to cultivate emotive family work. This course will help you create meaningful engagements with your clients so that ultimately you can document them in their most organic interactions.

Shiloh Colleen 

“You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."

Shiloh is a San Diego based lifestyle family photographer. She has been photographing the beautiful San Diego community since 2012. Her goal is to capture families in the most authentic and emotive way through deep connection and interaction. Whether it’s laughing, moving, embracing or chaos- she is here for it! Shiloh’s passion is to tell her client’s story in its truest form, through imagery. When Shiloh is not shooting she is usually chasing around her 4 wild kids!Sharyce is a Lifestyle Family and Wedding Photography based out of the Bay Area, CA. She has been telling stories through imagery since the early 2010’s. All of her photography knowledge has been self taught or learned through collaborations and mentorships with other photographers.

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