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Step into an abandoned world where creativity knows no bounds! Immerse yourself in this unique Shoot and Learn experience, where the quintessence of the California desert sun meets the charm of eccentricity. From an Urban Cowgirl Editorial Shoot to a Nostalgic Love Story, join us as we travel back in time to explore the ruins of a once thriving resort town, frozen in time. This one's for the forgotton. The left behind. The lost. This is a creative experience of reclamation. It’s time to find what you have been missing.Join Jessie Carlton and Kade Bailey for this once in a lifetime Shoot and Learn experience that will ignite your creativity and push you to explore different perspectives. Discover the art of capturing these creative sets in an editorial format; breaking free from the constraints of traditional photography to pave the way for your own rules and innovative techniques. Jessie will leave you falling in love with shooting FULL SUN, while Kade helps you reimagine GOLDEN HOUR and embrace the magic of BLUE HOUR.  Join us on this journey of artistic exploration and unleash your creativity in a once and a lifetime location in the lost cities of the Wild West!

Meet Us at the Legendary Salton Sea.  

This one’s for the forgotten.  

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an event sponsored by unraveled academy

August 1st, 2024 

The entirety of this event will take place from 1:30-8:30PM

Bombay Beach at the Salton Sea, California


2:00-4:00 Styled Editorial shoot with Jessie 

4:00-6:00 Grab a bite and some bevies!

6:00-8:00 Styled Couples Shoot with Kade Bailey


Jessie's Shoot: Join Jessie for an Eccentric Cowgirl portrait set, located in the Deserted town of Bombay Beach. Shooting in full sun, capturing the vivid clothes in a neutral setting. Learning to embrace the harshness of the desert full sun, leaning into a creative editorial approach of capturing eccentricity mixed with nostalgia. 

Kade's Shoot: Shoot alongside and learn from KADE BAILEY
Join Kade for a romantic couples shoot frozen in time. Learn how she taps into rooted emotions to capture a couple's essence. This shoot will take place in the open desert during GOLDEN HOUR and push beyond the setting sun to capture the fleeting moments of the quiet and intimate BLUE HOUR. Kade will guide you to find your own voice using cinematic storytelling techniques that capture emotion that is palpable in your work. 

Each shoot will teach you how to shoot in 3 different lighting situations. Expanding your knowledge, growing your confidence and no longer limiting your ability to create art that is outside of the box. You will walk away feeling re-inspired, have next level content to share, possess a new set of tools that will open doors to your own creative journey. 

 Bring your photography twin flame, or come alone and meet the one you have been missing! Let us take you to a place you have only ever seen in magazines. Let’s go back in time and make magic together. Let’s go to the desert and find what was once lost. 

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 Two uniquely styled shoots, led by two incredible artists at a location that is out of this world!
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Our Shoot and Learn is a hybrid of a shoot-out and an in-person workshop! We've married two incredible experiences together for this Shoot and Learn! Shoot alongside instructors while getting to understand the "method to their madness," as they breakdown their process and answer all your questions! Our Shoot and Learn experience will allow you ample time to shoot and interact with models one-on-one creating unique shots ONLY you have, but also time to watch and learn from all the other creatives in attendance. Each Shoot and Learn experience will have a dedicated "Ask Me Anything," with the instructor to ask any questions you may have missed during the session! Our goal is to not just have you leave with stunning imagery to add to your portfolio, but also help you improve your craft through education! If you're looking to grow as an artist... this is for you!
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Will travel and accommodations be included? 

Transportation and accommodations are not provided for our Shoot and Learn experiences.  We offer these types of events to keep the cost low so that they are accessible to all artist. If you are flying in from out of state the closest airport is Palm Springs International (50 miles to location) in which there are car rental options.  The Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Joshua Tree area hosts endless airbnb and hotel options. It is our hope that you will connect with other attending artists and will coordinate your stay to choose your own adventure!  There is so much to see on the west coast and we hope you make the most of it!

How long is each shoot?

Each experience will last approximately two hours, with the majority of the time dedicated to instruction for the lead artist and time for attendees to shoot.  Each shoot will conclude with our Instructor Question and Answer!  Both shoots will take place in ONE DAY from approximately 1:30-8:00pm.  

What is included in my investment?

Education, content, styling, permits and models will be provided for this shoot and learn experience!