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I’m Naomi Hopkins, a photographer based out of North Atlanta with a passion for capturing magical moments that tell a family’s story. But what I love almost as much is teaching other artists how to turn their passion into a thriving and successful business. 
Whether you’re passionate about creating unique client experience, you’re dreaming of being a travel photographer, you want to be able to quit the 9 to 5 rat race, or you just want to be able to enroll your tiny humans in soccer next year, I’ve created the tools you need to take your business to the next level. I want to see you thrive! I want to see your dreams come true! ...and selfishly be a small part of that journey with you! 
Join me while I help you lay the foundation that will help your business create your dream life. You will learn how to marry your beautiful art with the ability to unlock your unique way to tell a story like no one else. We will help you hone in on your personal brand, identify your ideal client, and maximize your earning potential. I’m here to give you my expertise that comes from years of corporate experience, entrepreneurship, and my career as an artist.
I cannot wait to start this journey with you!
Let's start 2024 off right!
See you soon. 
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Let's be intentional and do more than just make New Year's Resolutions that we give up on with in a few weeks. Over this course I want to show you you can lay a foundation to help you reset your business; and unlock your heart as an artist. My top priority is to make sure no stones go unturned. 
  • How to not only find your ideal client, but market to them
  • Understanding how to maximize your profits.
  • How to connect with you clients in order to build long term relationships that will unlock your best marketing tool, referrals. 
  • Follow along with me and I will show you my session flow and how I my edit my images.
  • FOUR Live Q+A's
  • 3 Exclusive Presets ONLY available to the Six Figure Photographer!
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March 4th-29th, 2024

Well hello... buckle up and welcome to my crazy! We are in for a ride together... but don't worry, I am very passionate about the best road trip playlists. But no really buckle up; you know ATL drivers are a little crazy.
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*alexa play* Ludacris "Welcome to Atlanta"

I’m Naomi – Feeding people (especially mac n' cheese) is my love language, I’m a coffee loving Enneagram Type 2w3,  who might have the most random playlists you will ever hear and loves the aesthetics of all things organizing.... well anything. I’m the ninth of 10 kids and growing up in a big family definitely has its perks! Having been raised in a family of photographers and artists, you could say photography runs in my blood; from growing up with a dark room in our home- to second shooting weddings with my dad throughout high school. But, my deep rooted desire to capture memories in an authentic way was set ablaze after giving birth to my daughter Azlyn at 26 weeks gestation.After struggling with fertility issues to get pregnant, we finally found out that our rainbow baby was on her way. It was a difficult pregnancy, followed by three months in the NICU with her where we prayed relentlessly for the day we could bring her home. During that time, I invested in a camera to capture her growth and realized how important it is to capture the little moments of your child’s life that just fill your heart with joy.  I soon learned the value of being able to have memories – like a maternity session or a Fresh 48 session – frozen in time for me to look back on. My passion for this art has exploded into one of the greatest blessings I could have ever asked for! It has allowed my family to grow by funding the adoption of our beautiful, wild, and vivacious son, Luka.

I began teaching client experience and business focused mentorships to fellow photographers a little over four years ago; and now it has evolved to the heartbeat of my business. I have hosted retreats all over the country to hundreds of photographers. All of that wild journey has brought us together today, and I am so excited to get to know each of you and grow together over this online workshop!