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Sports Photography for Kids with Cody Farrall

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Sports photography doesn’t have to be your typical, close up shot taken with a long lens! Learn to use light, perspective, and editing to make your kids’ sports photos into a memory that makes you feel something.

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Cody Farrall

“The most precious jewels you'll ever have around your neck are the arms of your children."

Cody is a photographer living in rural Nebraska with her farmer husband, three growing-up-too-fast kids, 2 pups and 4 cats. She is a storyteller, but instead of words, she uses photos. Her 2020 and 2021 scrapbooks are unfinished because it's hard to put everything into words and paragraphs...so instead, she just takes more photos.She first picked up a camera in 2013 to document her family life, but that quickly grew into an obsession that launched a photography business in 2016. Intending to shoot strictly documentary, now Cody's focus is family, newborn, and senior portraits, with some weddings thrown in for fun.

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